2023 chip seal program updates

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The Ottawa County Road Commission 2023 seal coat (chip seal) program is complete.

Background: The 2023 chip seal program is budgeted at over $1.5 million using Michigan Transportation Fund dollars, and will be focused on nearly 54 miles of streets in Grand Haven, Olive and Port Sheldon townships.

The 2023 program is tentatively scheduled to begin on June 12 and run through July. All dates and schedules are weather dependent and subject to change. Check our web and social media pages for schedule updates.

What is chip seal?

A chip seal is an application of a binder in the form of an asphalt emulsion or hot spray and an application of an aggregate.

Chip seals protect, preserve and extend pavement life, resulting in a pavement that is better to drive on, look at, and will cost less to maintain in the long run. A chip seal will not increase the strength of existing pavement. However, it will prolong the life of the pavement by providing a protective coating.

Chip sealing is a three-stage process. After the surface has been prepared by patching areas that are cracked or loose, a thin layer of emulsion or tack oil is applied.

Then, a layer of aggregate is applied by a truck with a chip spreader.

The third and final operation is several passes from a roller to compact the aggregate.

The road is usually opened to traffic after sweeping or may be opened to slow-moving traffic immediately.

The OCRC typically returns several weeks later to perform the second stage in the chip seal process: applying a fog seal atop the newly chip sealed road.

2023 Chip Seal Maps
Chip Seal Process Flyer