Draft 5-year Strategic Improvement Plan available for review

The Road Commission’s 2023-2027 Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is now in development and the draft version is available for review on the OCRC’s website.

This plan is updated annually and is based on a yearly review of county road assets in order to identify improvement needs, and determine economical methods to finance improvement and maintenance projects.

Significant material, fuel and construction cost increases were realized in 2022 and as a result, anticipated construction costs of proposed projects in this draft plan are higher than in previous draft plans.

Included in the draft plan are proposed reconstruction and resurfacing work, preventative maintenance treatments, and drainage improvements. 

It is important to the plan development process to gather input and comments about the proposed projects from our local governmental partners and the general public before the plan is finalized.

Comments and input on the 2023-27 draft plan should be submitted to us by Sept. 9, 2022. These comments are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Have questions, comments, or require additional information? Contact our office at 616–842–5400 or info@ottawacorc.com.