*Updated* 68th Ave. Bridge Closure is Now Open

OCRC Summer Hours: M-Th 7 AM-4:30 PM, Friday 7-11 AM

*Update* Both bridge lanes are open as of March 1st, 2018. Thank you for your patience.

On Monday, February 26, the Road Commission will be closing the southbound lane of the 68th Ave. Bridge over the Grand River. The closure is expected to last until Saturday, March 3, with no impacts on northbound traffic.

The bridge deck surface is just like any other road, and with time and traffic can wear like a road. The same weather that causes potholes to spring up on roads can cause the same thing to happen on a bridge deck. The 68th Ave. bridge deck has a small hole, formed by water seeping in through cracks in the pavement. Road Commission maintenance crews have patched the hole, and the planned repair will prevent it from reforming or growing until the bridge deck is resurfaced again. That resurfacing is scheduled for next year (2019).

The deck of bridges, the driving surface of the bridge, needs to be resurfaced regularly just like any road that receives wear from traffic and weather. Even while the structure of the bridge is perfectly sound and safe, the bridge deck can form cracks and potholes like any other road.

The Stearns Bayou bridge deck was resurfaced in 2017. The structure of a bridge remains safe for many years beyond the life of a bridge deck, which needs regular resurfacing like any road.


This fix will ensure that the bridge deck surface remains drive-able until the resurfacing of the bridge deck next year. Below you can find a map of the work, as well as the detour route. Please contact the Road Commission with any questions.