Dashboard – Maintenance

Dashboard – Maintenance


Under Public Act 283 of 1909, the Road Commission is charged with providing reasonably safe county roads to the motoring public through construction and maintenance efforts. For the most part, these duties include the patching of hard surfaced roads, the grading and patching of roadside shoulders, the grading of gravel roads, the maintenance of roadside drainage systems, and winter maintenance operations. In addition, the Road Commission has implemented several preventative maintenance programs that provide surface treatments for the paved road network. These programs lengthening the time between construction and reconstruction and include: Cape Seal Surfacing, Seal Coat Surfacing, and Crack Sealing.

Primary Road Winter Maintenance

Primary Road Summer Maintenance

Local Road Winter Maintenance

Local Road Summer Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

A more economical way of maintaining the county road network is to lengthen the time between construction and reconstruction. The Road Commission has implemented the preventative maintenance improvement program to add surface life to the roads in “good” or “fair” condition, while the “poor” condition roads could be managed.

Cape Seal Surfacing

A cape seal uses the advantages of two sealing and rehabilitation methods to provide a new surface for existing bituminous roads. First is the application of a seal coat that is followed within a few weeks by an overlay of a micro-surfacing (A ¼” to ½” thick cold laid bituminous mixture produced using a high performance polymer modified asphalt emulsion, select aggregates, water, and mineral filler).

Cape Seal Cost

Seal Coat (Chip Seal) Surfacing

In a single seal coat process, an asphalt binder is sprayed onto the pavement, then immediately covered by a single layer of uniformly sized aggregate. The new chip sealed surface is then rolled to seal the aggregate to the oil, broomed, fog sealed, striped, and ready for traffic. A seal coat is a perfect tool for pavement preventive maintenance. Seal coats provide a quick, reliable and economical surface treatment that will seal out the damaging effect of water, help to increase skid resistance, improve aesthetics and delineation, and provide a new wearing surface to protect the pavement for years to come

Seal Coat (Chip Seal) Cost

Crack Seal Treatment

The crack or joint is cleaned and an overband layer of rubberized asphalt is placed to fill the void.