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Why are weight restrictions placed on county roads each spring?

Seasonal weight restrictions are legal limits placed on the loads that trucks may carry. Roads thaw out from the top down each spring, trapping moisture near the surface. During the thawing period, the melting ice leaves voids underneath the pavement. Heavy loads then compress the gravel and bituminous surfaces, causing them to deteriorate. Therefore, when seasonal weight restrictions are in effect during spring thaw, the maximum allowable axle load and speed is reduced to prevent weather-related deterioration of roads.

Seasonal Weight Restriction Status (CRA)

How do I make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

As a governmental agency, the Road Commission is required to comply with the Public Act 442 of 1976, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

If you are interested in obtaining documents that fall within the requirements of the FOIA, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in writing to the Ottawa County Road Commission, 14110 Lakeshore Drive, Grand Haven, Michigan 49417, Attention: FOIA Coordinator.

Please be advised that upon receipt of a FOIA request, the Road Commission has five business days in which to respond (six business days if received via fax or email), in accordance with the Act, and the requesting party will be charged for research time and copies of any documents requested. If an extension of time is necessary in order to fulfill a FOIA request, the Road Commission will notify the requesting party in writing, at which time an additional ten business days will be permitted to the agency, in accordance with the Act.

When is a permit required for work within the right-of-way?

A permit is required from the Road Commission for any and all work being conducted within the road right of way, whether it is by a contractor or a property owner. Permit applications and information are available on our Special Services Department website.

Some examples of work that require a permit are:

  • Adding or improving a driveway approach
  • Adding, improving, or maintaining a public or private utility
  • Adding or improving a sidewalk or non-motorized path
  • Excavating/filling roadside ditches
  • Surveying and other engineering operations
  • Placing a banner, decoration, or similar object
  • Closing a section of county road for a parade, celebration, festival, bike/run event, demonstration, or similar activity
  • Grading or excavation, landscaping, tree planting, tree trimming or tree removal
  • Any construction activity that impacts storm water runoff into or around county road right of way.

Standard mailboxes are allowed without a permit in the road right of way.

How do I request a road abandonment?

The following process is followed for all road abandonment requests:

  1. A written petition signed by 7 (seven) or more different freeholders of the township in which the road is sought to be absolutely abandoned and discontinued shall be submitted. The petition for absolutely abandoning and discontinuing a highway shall describe the road in general terms or by any name by which it is known, and if the absolute abandonment and discontinuance of only a portion of a road is asked for, that portion shall be specified. The petition shall be accompanied by a true and correct list of the names and mailing addresses of the owners of each parcel of land abutting the highway, or portion of the highway, sought to be absolutely abandoned and discontinued, which list shall be signed by at least 1 (one) of the persons making or presenting the petition and certified by a Notary Public.
  2. The petition will be reviewed by the Road Commission to be valid and to determine if the request can be presented at a normal Board meeting of the County Road Commissioners or if a Public Hearing is required.
  3. Prior to the presentation of a petition to the Board of the County Road Commissioners, the Township or municipality where the requested road or part of road to be abandoned is situated shall be notified to provide written input concerning the petition. In addition, the appropriate fee according to the latest fee schedule shall be submitted by the petitioner.
  4. If the Board of County Road Commissioners determines to abandon any county road or portion of a county road, it shall do the following: (1) Generate a Notice of Determination and (2) Quitclaim Deed the property to the Township. The Township shall either retain the property or allow it to revert to the adjoining landowners.

* If the petitioned road or portion of a road borders on, crosses, is adjacent to, or ends at a lake or the general course of a stream the action as outlined in No. 4 above shall conform to current Michigan Law.

The procedures for requesting a Road Abandonment Request Process and Form can be downloaded.

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