Notice: Policy for allowable loading for refuse hauling vehicles

When seasonal weight restrictions are in effect on Ottawa County roads, they will be enforced on all applicable roads except as follows:

Normal (without variance) legal loading allowable when restrictions are not in effect will be allowed during this period for trucks which are on their regular collection route making regular stops for collection of household waste and for trucks which are making industrial and commercial collections.

The above exception does not include traveling to or from a collection route or collection point and a disposal area. Such travel under this policy, regardless of load, requires the use of the nearest state highway using the shortest available route on the lesser restricted county roads to reach said state highway (for purposes of this policy – 68th Avenue from M-45 to Cleveland Street; Cleveland Street from 68th Avenue to 56th Avenue; 56th Avenue from Cleveland Street to Wilson Street; Byron Road from 1-196* to Kenowa Avenue; 32nd Avenue from 1-196 to Byron Road; & 56th Avenue from Byron Road south to Autumn Hills Landfill will be considered a state highway).

When seasonal weight restrictions are not in effect, the variance policy of the Michigan Department of Transportation will be in effect and enforced.

*There is a 19 Ton Limit on the Bridge just east of 1-196.