Public Notice: 2024 Ottawa County Guardrail Spray Program

OCRC Summer Hours: M-Th 7 AM-4:30 PM, Friday 7-11 AM


The office of the Ottawa County Road Commission is providing notice to the public that their 2024 County Guardrail Spray Program will begin on or after June 3, 2024. Treatments will be made for control of vegetation and brush along guardrail within Ottawa County road rights of ways. All applications will be completed by S. Imperial Services, 1220 Midland Rd., Saginaw, MI 48638, under contract to the Ottawa County Road Commission.

The following chemicals will be utilized for vegetation control on the guardrails, and will be applied using a truck-mounted sprayer:

Esplanade 200SC (Indaziflam) @ 5 oz/acre, Weedar 64 (2-4-D) @ 4 pints/acre, RoundUp Custom (Glyphosate) @ 4 pints/acre, Oust XP (Sulfometuron-methyl) @ 4oz/acre, and Elite Radiant @ 2 pints/acre.

This advance notice and information is being supplied in accordance with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Regulation No. 637 Pre-Notification Requirement. Technical information concerning this application may be requested by calling S. Imperial Services at 989-270-1134. Administrative and operational information may be obtained from the Ottawa County Road Commission at 616-842-5400.