Road Resurfacing: Leonard St., 68th to 48th Ave., Polkton/Tallmadge Twps.

Road Resurfacing: Leonard St., 68th Ave. to 48th Ave., Polkton/Tallmadge Twps.

WHEN: Starting on Aug. 8, 2022.

WHERE: Leonard St., 48th to 68th Ave., Tallmadge/Polkton Twps.

WHY: Road Resurfacing

BACKGROUND: The Ottawa County Road Commission has scheduled road widening and resurfacing along Leonard Street from 68th Avenue to 48th Avenue. It is anticipated that the work will begin August 8, 2022.

The current and existing width of Leonard Street is 22 feet (11’ lane width). Once construction is completed, the width of the roadway will have a total width of 28 feet (11’ lane width with up to a 3′ paved shoulder).

The road resurfacing will take place in several stages and may take some time to complete. Inclement weather may also be a factor in the timely completion of the project.

TRAFFIC IMPACT: The road will remain open to traffic during construction as the work will be completed using lane closures and traffic control.

Please be cautious and cognizant as to the direction of traffic during work hours when lane closures are in place as you are entering or leaving your driveway or travelling this stretch of Leonard Street as a flagger (person directing traffic) may not be visible to you from the location of your driveway.