Road Resurfacing/Widening: Leonard Street, Tallmadge Twp.

OCRC Summer Hours: M-Th 7 AM-4:30 PM, Friday 7-11 AM

WHAT: Road Resurfacing/Widening

WHERE: Leonard Street, from Linden Drive to 24th Avenue, Tallmadge Township.

WHEN: Beginning July 22, 2019

BACKGROUND: The Ottawa County Road Commission has scheduled road widening and resurfacing along Leonard Street from Linden Drive to 24th Avenue and it is anticipated that the work will begin on Monday, July 22, 2019. The current and existing width of Leonard Street is 24 feet (12’ lane width). Once construction is completed the new width of the roadway shall be 30 feet (15’ lane width) which means that the road will be three feet wider than what is currently in place on both sides of Leonard Street.

The road will remain open to traffic during construction as the work shall be completed using lane closures and traffic control. The road widening and resurfacing will take place in several stages and may take some time to complete. Inclement weather may also be a factor in the timely completion of the project.

IF YOU LIVE ALONG LEONARD ST.: Please be cautious and wary as to the direction of traffic during work hours when lane closures are in place as you are entering or leaving your driveway as a flagger may not be visible to you from the location of your driveway.

Please acknowledge if you live directly in the project zone:

  • Your mail box may be moved and readjusted in height by the contractor to the height specified by your mail carrier.
  • If you have items within the road right-of-way that are near the existing roadway such as irrigation or landscaping, please make arrangements to remove or relocate these items. You may flag the irrigation lines, sprinkler heads, or other items and the contractor may make an effort to avoid them. However, neither the contractor nor the Ottawa County Road Commission will be held responsible should any damage occur to these items within the road right-of-way.
  • If you have an existing concrete driveway and the existing roadway does not have a concrete or asphalt curb and gutter, then per the policy of the Board of Commissioners for the Ottawa County Road Commission, your driveway approach will be replaced with asphalt. If the existing roadway has a concrete or bituminous curb and gutter, then your driveway will be replaced in kind. If you have an existing asphalt driveway, then your driveway approach will be replaced with asphalt. If you have an existing gravel driveway, then your driveway approach will be replaced with gravel.

Once the new asphalt surface has been paved on the roadway, please avoid parking on the road and the shoulder for at least a week. This will help minimize any potential damage to the new pavement.

If you should have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 616-842-5400 and ask for the project engineer.