Spring weight restrictions go into effect Monday, March 11

The Ottawa County Road Commission gives notice that 6 a.m. Monday, March 11, 2019, spring weight restrictions will be in effect and strictly enforced on all county roads under their jurisdiction.

Weight restrictions are enforced to minimize the damage caused during Michigan’s seasonal thaw. As the ground thaws in the spring, water is forced toward the surface and exerts pressure on roads, causing them to buckle and become more prone to damage.

During the weight restrictions period, trucks traveling on “posted” roads must carry lighter loads and travel at slower speeds.

The Road Commission has implemented a 24-hour recorded answering system for public use to check the status of the restrictions. To access this service, please call 616-842-0086 or 1-800-394-0290.

Additional resources are available on the “Trucking” subsection OCRC website’s “Permits” page, including the 2019 Truck Operators Map and a list of 2019 All Season Roads.

For a complete list of roads affected and the current weight limit, please visit the County Road Association of Michigan’s website at micountyroads.org/business/seasonal-weight-restrictions.